Multi-protocol search and download tool

  • compatible with: WWW, FTP, Hotline, Napster, OpenNapster, Gnutella, Carracho(*), OpenFT, iTunes, eDonkey and FastTrack (Kazaa, Grokster), BitTorrent, Ares and Seeqpod networks!!
  • specify different types of files
  • includes a download manager, featuring retries and resumable downloads
  • supports "swarming" downloads from several users and across multiple networks at the same time!
  • features AutoSearch, which keeps trying those elusive and hard to get files
  • allows automatic adding of all tracks from an album of music
  • no spyware, trojan horses, viruses, adware or any hidden or bundled software - GUARANTEED


iSwipe is DonateWare. If you find it useful, please consider a small donation. iSwipe development/maintainance/support is done in my spare time.

To those people who have contributed - Thankyou.

Important Notice

HillmanMinx Software does not condone or encourage any form of copyright infringement. iSwipe simply endeavours to search and download files from the internet, many of which are copyright free and legally downloadable. We do not maintain any lists of files, or store any content on our servers, create or maintain any file sharing networks. iSwipe simply connects to and downloads from whatever networks are available. If you inadvertenty download copyrighted files to which you suspect you are not entitled, you must delete them immediately. You must not make copyrighted data available for upload.


iSwipe 1.7.11 now available

We are pleased to announced iSwipe 1.7.11, which includes compatability with more networks and protocols than ever before, including FastTrack , eDonkey, OpenNap, Gnutella, Hotline, FTP, Web, BitTorrent, Ares and now the Seeqpod network.

Sorry for the long delay in getting this update out. I'm already working on the next update with a major upgrade of BitTorrent searching and downloading.

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To Do

Improved Multi-Source downloading (OpenNap/Gnutella)
Improved OpenNap Searching
Improve Built-in BitTorrent Support
Integrate Album Cover art into Music downloads
More efficient download queue
More download channels


Like all HMS Software, iSwipe is DonateWare. Let me know if you use it, including suggestions for improvements, bug reports and problems, and if you find it useful, please consider a small donation.


Thanks to main testers Biglad and TrackerOz, and for all those who send in comments and bug reports, and most of all, donaters.

Copyright (c) 2001-2008 HillmanMinx Software